Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 to 2010

yes I am wearing blue but I have to say...I am blue too.....not sure why.....lets break down the year many things to be thankful for yet so many memories too:

Jan: knee surgery, launched new lunch program  Marisa got a boyfriend, Megan got a ticket lucky girl.


March-spring break yes the realization I have no friends in the state of Michigan.....had a spring break pity party kids included....between budget and no bonus we stayed home lucky us. But thank the lord we had a job so we did not even want to bitch.

April-Easter always a good time for me being it is my birthday month. turned 41 woo-hoo still like life and want to continue to enjoy it. cold spring gray cloudy

May-warming up loving baseball seeing all my friend one child working one not Jordan baseball baseball baseball. Megan break her arm playing soccer.

June- gets a second ticket wreaks her car and has to have a echo cardio gram due to a heart mummer.

school ends thankthe lord. jj wins city champs, Michael Jackson dies (same day) all stars begin. Jordan has a birthday party for 12 boys no sleep over thank the lord

July- still have work to do at school. gearing up for all-star baseball only to lose with Jordan striking out at the a mother it was one my hardest things to witness yet the best lesson in life we can't always win and sometimes you are the one to make the team lose. still don't think Joe and talk about this with out choking up.

Aug-school will begin and I get to go see my very best friend in nc. we have a great trip the girls and I go down alone girls road of my best memories of summer.....I still crack up when I think of the conversations in the car.....I love my girls. Jordan break up with girl friend and misses her even though he was the one doing the breaking he was sad

Sept-school time......28 kids extra everyday for lunch and they just happen to be in K and miss their parents now that is what I call fun. lets just say the month whizzes by with a blink of an eye. Megan quits cheer due to naughty girls who don't like to bend the rules. just like to break the rules and a coach who does not have a back bone/

Marisa starts high school goes threw the shakes of new friends, a boyfriend and new challenges in high school she plays golf for the first time and does well girls fight every morning about the car, clothes and life....

Oct- another birthday for Megan she turns 17 and seems bored with no cheer, homecoming 2 girls busy time, 24 come for dinner it all goes well.

nov- Joe birthday, thanksgiving, just chugging along in life. still fighting with co-workers daily I know they hate me.....still gray in my head.

Dec- surprise party for roo...fool her ha-ha. sad times Megan and Luke break up....a long painful 2 weeks. as I write this on dec 31 they are back together and working on getting things in order. spend time at home over the holiday.....just cant make my life what it should be. spending new years home with jj and Joe the girls all have plans sad I don't have a party to go to or something to do. most likely will spend the night at home with my guys watching the ball drop.oh yeah bf has cancer

I sometimes wonder if my lack of drinking makes it hard for me to host parties.....I wonder if my grayness scares people, why can't I be normal...maybe this is normal

so goals for the year are as follows:

condition and train and finish a tri-Thelon. make two new friends in new year. find a group of ladies to hang out with since I have zero right now. find a new couple to spend time with lose the gray that rides in my head making me blue all the frigging time........if you are still with me thanks if not I love you anyways. peace

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

another day in paradise

well Aug 14Th one more day till i will be married for 20 years.....not only will i be going to the city fair but i will be going to a concert for Chris Doughtry. My children will be with me as well. can we say yee-ha. This will be like the 3 or 4 year we have been to the fair on the anniversary. I know you ladies are jealous i know you all wish you were married on Aug 15th so you too can have your life sucked out of you every year when a pop group comes to town and your kids mom we have to go. this is the one year i have been well hot dog we dang dung got us a big star a-coming to the fair. Come on kids get your best britches on we are gonna return our cans and go to the fair.

Not to be rude but i never in my life have seen some many people who look like they have not showered, smoking, who need dental insurance and look like they are spending their rent money for the month. I mean where on earth do these people come from? scary...and i will be right with them. yee-ha.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


my oldest m is off at camp. I miss her. Just this past year we have become very close. I really enjoy being with her and spending time with her. She will enter high school this year. She will drive soon. Life in all area's is so good.

Next week she will go to cheer camp with the mean girls. Cheer girls are so like the girls from mean girls. They tend to kick you when you are down and i think talk bad about each other. I only hope she makes some nice girls and is able to trust in the process and be able to find some people you trust.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Best wishes in the sunny state

I always believe people come into your life for a season or a reason. Some will be short and sweet... and some long and painful lessons. Some friends are hard to shake and move on from. others you would never even think of being mean to or striking.

After moving from Sunny California to the gray state of Michigan I joined a church group which is and was the core of our friendships. We raised babies and sent them to school together and we went on play dates and swapped babysitting. Our children were all friends.

Then one day something changed. Our children started to get there own friends and we were on our own. We had to say would you like to go to lunch and it would be without my children. We as couples had to go threw not being invited to old friends party's and BBQ because we were no longer friends.

We had to find new friends and new memories. These new friends were fun and the life of the party. One day soemthing bad happened we had to support our new friends threw 3 years of unemployment and frustration. We had to watch our friends move to a sunny state and be sad we could not go. We had to say goodbye.

The one thing I still have is my core of friends here. The sad part is they have to start over. They have to go threw the fake friends. The ones who squeeze to tight. The people who latch on too quickly. The ones who you can not agree to disagree with. The people who think their opinion is the only right opinion.

They will have weed threw the friends to find the ones who they can trust who they can share their hearts with. Who they can show the battle scares too and not be ashamed. They have to trust in God and believe he will lead. Best wishes will never be the same but I thank God for the love he sent me everyday threw you. Peace

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


my bff moved today.....nothing more to say

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

binge or is it rules

I just want to binge. I hate to diet it stinks...yeah yeah dieting stinks (sung to the tune of love stinks) to be honest I am not dieting I am just trying to learn to jog...(OK now get off the floor) and to eat healthy. I find when I am dieting or as i like to say eating right...I want to drink more. which proves the idea that people who are obese and get a lap band or stomach surgery sometimes turn to alcohol to cope.

I do believe I learned to binge eat when i was a child to cope with crap I was put threw. Lets just say my childhood was not horrible but it had its moments when my mother lost the interest of her children for her own gain into account.

My brother and I grew up and had no sort of was more like now come on if you do that again I going to punish come on.....I turned out fine but realize giving your child No boundaries is not the greatest thing in life. My brother is a flippin mess and does not understand why everyone in the world picks on him including the popo.

As far as our relationship I have not talked to him in 2 years... we use him as a life lesson in our my children "Do you want to be like Uncle"? well then shape up. I mean we all make mistakes I just believe you have to admit it ask to be forgiven, and try harder to change the behavior you had to start to shower more all star baseball tonight. Will this season ever end???

Thursday, July 12, 2007

wednesday old posts
wednesday Another day in the life of a sahm. During he school year i work 3 days per week less than 20 hours per week. My paycheck is small but the payoff i get to be with sweet kids and wonderful teachers at work who do care about me. well got interuppted by the phone and my life is crazy with a friend moving. i have to go....
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Sunday....went fro a walk with oldest M we planned... old posts
Sunday....went fro a walk with oldest M we planned to run but it is hotter than haitis so we walked came home with not one but two blisters and ringing wet. Yuck. Little J(son) and i went to near by city to get fitted for new running shoes but guess what they take sundays off. wtf.....i was a tad peeved so instead of coimming back next week i went to dunhams and bought a pair of running hsoes but guess what they (feet) still hurt and now i have blisters. I just can't cut a break. I did find shoes for J for school. He is so funny i have a rules on school clothes can't wear them until school starts. I know but dam he will have those choes muddy and dirty and just disgusting in a matter of hours so no new shoes until the first day which really sucks in the the gray state we start school after labor day. We have to be open to being a tourist and spending our money on our state...what a bunch of bull&*. Get them kids in school so we can go back to normal life I mean i can only stomach so much nickaloden per day. Yes world i am far from a perfact mother. Off to go eat some supper.
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Well found out yesterday i could not go to move my friend to north Carolina. i was so frigging bummed. My oldest will be at camp and hubby is going to Houston on business. So I have to be the responsible parent and stay home. I know F it is a bummer when you realize that you are growing up and having to say stinks.

J which is my son will play his first all star game tonight Yahoo. We play our friends team tonight so it will be tricky. I hope he holds his head high either way it is a tough win or lose. I hope i too can be gracious and say nice job or congrats sometimes the ugly green monster can show up.

We are planning a going away party for friends moving to NC see above. We have been having war with a dad who i shall call hummmmm a name for him all star coach so coach had a great idea to let kids age 12 plan party and guess what no moms helping or evening asking girl who leavings mom if he could. Then he also asked if they could keep it on the down low like not tell daughter came to me and told me because she knows this is code for "stranger danger" i mean you don't ask kids to keep big whopping secrets i mean come on. Ahhhhh all star coach needs to mind his own business wyob. off to the fields it may be standing room only crowd...